How to Book?

Announcement: Priority Bookings for July 2018 is now open from 1st June 9:00 am till 4th June 11:59 pm. Normal Bookings will be available from 5th June onwards. NEW PROMOTION! - Great News for Zone B Vendors! Enjoy rebate of $50 when you book for the full weekend (Fri, Sat & Sun). Simply complete your bookings with full payment for the 3 days (same week) and we will credit back Friday's booking (excluding add-ons) after the event! Weekend Bazaar at Sun Plaza will be on hold until further notice. There is a New Start Up Market for selling of pre-loved items. (Please see News for more details).

Priority Booking

*SCAPE Marketplace Layout

Sun Plaza Layout

*SCAPE Marketplace Map


Sun Plaza Bazaar Map